Now Slim 24/7 Review

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Now slim 24/7 diet pill review

Now Slim 24/7 is a group of weight loss products, designed to promote fat burning, increased metabolism and appetite suppression.

This product line, manufactured in the UK, consists of day and night capsules, hunger strips and a sweetener. This idea behind this group of products is that each specific supplement is used for a specific time of day or situation.

Now Slim is a more complex, more labor intense weight loss regiment that takes quite a bit of effort to organize and maintain.

Ingredients in Now Slim

The ingredients in Now Slim Day and Night capsules are generally a combination of amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

Slim Day capsules also contain both guarana and caffeine, which both have significant stimulant effects. The hunger strips also contain guarana, as well as artificial flavor and color.

Now Slim Sweetener is a saccharin based tablet that is meant to be used in place of sugar in hot beverages.

Now Slim supplements place a lot of reliance on ingredients that have significant side-effects and are not indicated for long-term continuous use.

Now Slim 24/7 Side-effects

Now Slim is certainly a comprehensive approach to weight loss, but the question is, are there Now Slim side effects, is it safe to use and is it an effective program?

First, the use of stimulants is questionable in terms of safety. If you are sensitive to caffeine, the day capsules and hunger strips may make you nervous or jittery. You have to ask yourself if you would feel comfortable enough to continue on a program that provides unnecessary stimulants.

In addition, the sweetener is made from saccharin, an artificially manufactured product that has been found to cause cancer in laboratory tests.

The only natural ingredients in Now Slim are the vitamins, minerals and amino acids, which you could purchase separately and far less expensively.

If you are looking for a weight loss supplement that is natural, safe and easy to use, we would not recommend the Now Slim program.

The ingredients range from natural to artificial, and in order for you to achieve permanent safe weight loss, ideally you should use a product that is 100% natural and proven to be safe.

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