Metabofire Weight Loss Review

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Metabofire diet pill review

Metabofire is a weight loss supplement that the manufacturer claims can increase your metabolic rate and suppress your appetite.

This product is alleged to maintain your body as a fat burning furnace 24 hours a day, thanks to a combination of several different botanical ingredients.

We review Metabofire to see if it really is a maximum strength fat burner.

What is Metabofire fat burner?

The main active ingredients in Metabofire are guarana and bitter orange extract. Both of these ingredients are stimulants, which have been found to have a minor effect on appetite and energy levels.

Unfortunately, as with any caffeine product, you quickly become tolerant of the stimulant effects. Your body simply will not sustain a high level of stimulation for extended periods of time without restoring it’s balance.

In other words, any caffeine product will suppress appetite and boost metabolism very briefly, then will cease to be effective.

Side-effects of Metabofire

Taking Metabofire may also be risky for your health, especially if you are prone to cardiac and blood pressure problems.

Other ingredients in this product, including green tea and bee pollen can also cause severe allergic reactions in people who are sensitive.

Will Metabofile Work?

The ingredients in Metabofile have no scientific backing to support the claims that you will increase your metabolism or suppress your appetite.

One of the ingredients that is heavily advertised by the manufacturer of Metabofire is bitter orange extract, which is converted in the lab into synephrine. Synephrine is commonly used as a substitute for ephedra, supposedly because it does not have the side effect profile. In actuality, synephrine is very similar to ephredra and has been linked to heart attacks and strokes.

If you are considering a safe and effective way to lose weight, Metabofire probably will not deliver on it’s promises. It would be far safer and less expensive for you to use products that do have a proven track record of helping people lose weight safely and without worrying about negative long term effects.

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