Liporexall Review

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Liporexall diet pill review

If you have ever been on a diet, you have certainly experienced the yo-yo effect, where your weight is down one day and then up again the next. Liporexall aims to allegedly address this problem with it’s eleven patented ingredients.

These ingredients are supposed to increase the level of metabolic hormones in your body and also suppress your appetite.

Liporexall boasts 300% fat loss, 33 pounds in just 8 weeks! We reveal the truth in our Liporexall review.

What is Liporexall

The ingredients in Liporexall are not unique to this specific product. The manufacturer has instead created and patented new names (Super Citrimax, NeOptunia, Pinnothin, Advantra-Z and ChromeMate) for common ingredients, giving the illusion that no other product contains these ingredients.

The actual ingredients in Liporexall are caffeine bitter orange extract (Citrimax), various botanicals, chromium and linoleic acid.

Liporexall Side-effects

Despite the intricate explanations for each of the ingredients and the claims that Liporexall is a product that is different from any other, several of the ingredients have potential adverse effects, even in otherwise healthy individuals. Caffeine can cause heart palpitations and unhealthy rises in blood pressure as well as insomnia.

Some of the botanicals in this product have been shown to cause kidney problems and dangerous fluctuations in blood sugar levels.

Do We Recommend Liporexall?

As with any weight loss product, the bottom line question is whether it works. This combination of ingredients, with and without the fancy patented names, have been used in several products and have no evidence that they are effective.

Considering that the very same ingredients are found in Liporexall, it is safe to assume that the results would be the same. If anything, taking Liporexall is an expensive way to ingest some ingredients that might be harmful to your health.

Any reference provided by the manufacturer to back their claims was administered on single ingredients and a very small number of test subjects. None of the findings therefore can be attributed to Liporexall with any professional validity.

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