Lipobind Fat Binder

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Lipobind diet pill review

Lipobind is heavily marketed in the UK and has a huge presence in retailers from Boots, Holland & Barrett, Superdrug and Tesco.

Lipobind weight loss tablets is promoted to help you to avoid weight gain and even help you shed some extra pounds.

With similar properties to other well known weight loss products, such as Proactol and Alli, we see how Lipobind compares.

What is LipoBind?

Lipobind is a fat binder helps reduce the amount of fat our body absorbs from the food we eat.

Lipobind’s natural supplement is made from dried cactus extract, this natural fibre complex attaches to the fat you’ve eaten to create a fat-fibre complex that is then passed out of the body naturally and easily.

There are a number of other associated benefits with Lipobind:

  • Binds Dietary Fats
  • Helps Suppress Appetite
  • Controls Food Cravings
  • Is Suitable For Vegetarians
  • Is Medically Certified
  • Lowers Blood Cholesterol

Lipobind has been certified a medical device with an approved indication for obesity treatment and weight management.

Lipobind’s side effects

If used as directed Lipobind is unlikely to cause any adverse reaction.

Some people who should avoid taking the tablets, e.g. if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or if you are currently being treated for a serious medical condition.

Recommend Lipobind for weight loss?

The makers of Lipobind report that in clinical trials is has been shown to remove up to 27% of undigested fats and up to 150 calories from a standard meal. These fat binding qualities will result in you losing weight.

Some consumers though have questionned Lipobinds success for long term weight loss, in that many put the weight back on again.

Lipobind is available without a prescription and is not too expensive. We would suggest looking at alternatives to Lipobind that have a solid guarantee, for example Proactol offers a full 6 month money back gaurantee to consumers.

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