Lipo 6 Review

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Lipo 6 diet pill review

Lipo 6 fat burner has been available since 2005 and it’s sale is generally geared toward individuals who are not only seeking to slim down but also to become more defined.

Nutrex, the manufacturer of Lipo 6, claims that it is truly unique because it is administered in a liquid capsule form. This form supposedly delivers the ingredients faster than those in pill or capsule form.

There is no doubt that Lipo 6 is a popular fat burner – can it really deliver on its promises?

What is Lipo 6?

The active ingredients in Lipo 6 are two forms of caffeine, synephrine, black pepper extract and Commiphora Mukul, which is a botanical extract the maker claims can increase metabolic rate.

Nutrex also claim that Lipo 6 is able to specifically target the problem areas of fat deposits experienced by men and women. Lipo 6 is indicated for use by taking progressively larger doses, up to six capsules a day.

Side effects of Lipo 6

Lipo 6 has several potential effects on the body, not all of them positive. Without a doubt, taking this product will induce increased energy, due to the large amounts of caffeine. People who react negatively to stimulants should avoid taking Lipo 6.

Some of the other ingredients can cause instability in blood sugar and thyroid hormone levels, so individuals who have preexisting conditions are advised not to use this supplement.

Does Lipo 6 work?

The manufacturers of Lipo 6 make several significant claims regarding the effectiveness of this product. In particular, they suggest that Lipo 6 is able to target specific areas of fat loss, based on gender.

Scientifically, this is impossible in significant amounts and is likely a mild reaction to hormonal effects of the ingredients. These effects should probably cause more concern than cause for purchasing this product, because they can lead to serious and potentially irreversible hormonal imbalances.

We would not recommend Lipo 6 and suggest looking at a clinically proven fat burner if you are looking for guaranteed fat reduction.

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