Leptovox Review

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Leptovox diet pill review

The inventor of Leptovox allegedly came up with the idea for the product after watching an episode of Oprah which featured the top ten “super foods”.

From her results after eating these foods for ten days which included a loss of ten pounds and clearing of her acne, she formulated a supplement.

The use of superfoods for weight loss is not new, so is Leptovox any different and importantly does it work?

What is Leptovox

Leptovox is in pill form and is taken twice daily and the manufacturer claims some startling results including clearing up of adult acne and significant quick weight loss.

The supposed top ten superfoods that are part of the formula in Leptovox are familiar to most people and include acai extract, flaxseed, and wheatgrass.

The product also contains two antioxidants which they claim increase metabolism and reverse some of the signs of aging. Leptovox contains a single stimulant ingredient in the form of green tea extract.

Leptovox Side-effects

The ingredients in Leptovox are fairly benign, since many of us already eat these foods on a regular basis. However, if you are sensitive to the effects of caffeine, be aware that this product does contain this ingredient.

Despite this, people who have allergies should be cautious about taking this product due to potential side effects of Leptovox. Also be cautious if you are taking prescription medications with Leptovox as some may cause an adverse interaction with this supplement.

Should you buy Leptovox

Leptovox does not contain any particular ingredients that you could not purchase at your local health food or grocery store. The use of the ten super foods is also taken out of context, since the findings from the Oprah episode involved eating or drinking the actual foods, not extracts.

None of the ingredients have any research to back up the claim that they can help reverse aging or clear up acne. In fact, these results might be attributed to positive changes in dietary habits and not Leptovox.

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