Lean System 7 Review

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Lean system 7 diet pill review

Lean System 7 is a weight loss supplement that contains seven ingredients that, according to the manufacturer, is a proprietary blend of 7 alleged fat burning ingredients.

The manufacturer also claims that Lean System 7 can help you lose weight and keep it off, without the use of stimulants.

Will Lean System 7’s blend of fat burning ingredients give you the weight loss you need? Our Lean System 7 review will find out.

What is Lean System 7

In actuality, Lean System 7 does contain ingredients that have stimulant properties, such as guarana and bitter orange extract.

The remaining 5 ingredients in this product are hardly different from other similar weight loss products and include fruit extracts, green tea and other botanicals.

The manufacturer’s of this product explain that it is far different from other weight loss products because it induces fat, rather than water loss. This, of course, is the goal of any diet or product, but whether the resulting weight is actually fat is difficult to tell without medically approved scientific research.

Lean System 7 Side-effects

Unfortunately, several of the ingredients in System 7 can cause serious side effects and you should be aware that they can interact with prescription and over the counter medications. Because this product relies on high levels of caffeine, it has the potential to cause symptoms of anxiety and insomnia.

Bitter orange extract is biochemically very similar to the controversial ingredient ephedra and has a similar history of side effects.

If you have pre-existing health problems, are pregnant or have any compromised liver or kidney function, avoid this product.

Does Lean System 7 Work?

Despite the extravagant claims that Lean System 7 is a safe, unique formula that increases your body’s ability to shed fat, the facts simply do not add up. The manufacturer cites several studies, only one of which was actually applied to this specific product.

The abstract from the study provides no evidence that the weight lost by the subjects was anything other than weight loss from water. Instead, the findings regarding increased metabolic rate are highlighted however this increase occurs when you ingest any significant amount of caffeine and cannot be attributed to Lean System 7.

Using Lean System 7 will unlikely give you sustainble weight loss and is relying on caffeine as a stimulant. For better and more clinically proven weight loss we would suggest looking at fat burners that do not use caffeine as their main ingredient.

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