Hydroxycut Hardcore Review

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Hydroxycut hardore diet pill review

Muscletech’s Hydroxycut Hardcore is a popular weight loss supplement that gained wide popularity with amateur athletes as a quick way to produce visible lean muscle mass.

Hydroxycut Hardcore contains the controversial ingredient ephedra, this product is not currently available for sale in the US, although there is enough demand to continue to make it available, if you know where to look.

Our review of Hydroxycut Hardcore explains why you should avoid this supplement, at all costs!

What is Hydroxycut Hardcore?

The main active ingredient in Hydroxycut Hardcore is ephedra, a substance that acts both as a stimulant and thermogenic. Ephedra had been used for many years as a performance enhancing supplement and in several weight loss supplements.

Unfortunately, the serious side effects of this substance which included seizures, heart attacks and death, far outweighed any benefit.

Hydroxycut Hardcore Side-effects

Relying on Hydroxycut Hardcore Muscletech for increased energy and metabolism is a dangerous way to reach your weight loss goals. Any weight that is lost in the initial weeks of taking this supplement can be attributed to water loss, since ephedra is a strong diuretic.

Over time, your body develops a tolerance to the amount you are taking, and you will require more of this supplement to gain continued results. In the case of Hydroxycut Hardcore however, increasing the dosage equates to increasing the risk of any one of it’s severe side effects.

Why you Should Avoid Hydroxycut Hardcore

Ephedra has been used for a variety of reasons for hundreds of years. Taking this ingredient in high doses such as that found in Muscletech’s Hydroxycut Hardcore however, is basically taking a potentially toxic amount.

It is true that taking Hydroxycut will cause you to lose weight initially but it will not be fat you are losing, it will be water and you could potentially end up with serious reactions due to dehydration.

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