Grenade Fat Burner Review

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Grenade fat burner diet pill review

Described by the manufacturer as the worlds strongest fat burner, Grenade fat burners come packaged in a rather imposing grenade shaped bottle.

Despite the novelty of the packaging, Grenade supplement simply claims it can increase your metabolism and provide you with extra energy.

Indications for use of this product are 4 capsules each day, taken on an empty stomach. Grenade is moderately priced at approximately $50 for a month’s supply.

Whilst an impressive packaging, if not gimmicky, can Grenade Fat Burner help you lose stubborn fat?

What is Grenade Fat Burner?

Grenade Fat Burner is simply a combination of a significant amount of caffeine in different forms. It also contains several minor amounts of other botanical ingredients and an amino acid known as phenylalanine.

The manufacturer does not provide information that supports this combination of ingredients nor do they explain what their role is in supposedly inducing fat loss.

Grenade Fat Burner side effects

Several potentially dangerous side effects can occur in some people when taking Grenade Fat Burner. The main ingredient, caffeine, has a long history of causing anxiety, seizures and hypertension when ingested in large quantities such as those found in Grenade fat burner.

Another ingredient, bitter orange peel, is a currently legal substitute for the banned weight loss ingredient ephedra and has been linked to heart attacks, strokes and colitis.

Grenade Fat loss work?

Grenade Fat Burner appears to be mostly a marketing ploy via unique packaging and somewhat outrageous claims. Most of the ingredients are stimulants, which have a very limited short term effect on metabolism that is quickly lost as the body becomes immune to them. The purpose of the remaining ingredients remains a mystery, since the manufacturer provides no reason for their use.

No scientific evidence exists that supports claims that any of the ingredients can induce weight loss and in fact, can cause serious side effects instead. If you are considering trying Grenade Fat Burner, think about what exactly it is you are paying for, because it isn’t weight loss.

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