Fenphedra Diet Pill Review

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Fenphedra diet pill review

Fenphedra argue that the reason your overweight is due to a YIN-YANG battle going on deep within your brain – the battle between feeling of being full and the desire to eat more.

So how does Fenphedra help you lose weight?

According to Fenphedra, their diet pill will stimulate the CART component so you get all the benefits, whilst at the same time suppressing the NPY component, which will ensure you do not overeat when stressed.

Fenphedra ingredients

Their diet pill contains two types of ingredients, which they label CART ( ‘the good guy’ ) and NPY ( ‘the villian’ ).

C-A-R-T Activators:

This component increases your metabolism, works to reduce your appetite, and increases blood insulin to elevate your energy rather than be stored as body fat.

  • 200 mg DiCaffeine Malate – new caffeine molecule, supposedly outperforms standard caffeine
  • 200mg ChocamineTM – numerous beneficial antioxidants
  • 20mg Phenylethylamine (PEA) – extracted from chocolate, properties similar to catecholamines and may be one of the pleasure substances in the brain
  • 20mg Synephrine HCl – can help burn fat, suppress appetite and increase energy

NP-Y Inhibitor:

This component is a stress hormone that works to drive the eating chemicals into overdrive. It will decrease your metabolism, cause your body temperature to decrease, and increase your appetite.

  • Chocamine – an amino acid which increases brain levels of serotonin, ommonly used to combat stress and depression

Fenphedra appears to have similar ingredients to another diet pill Nuphedragen.

Fenphedra side effects

There are no reported side effects listed on Fenphedra’s website, only a mild warning about sensitivity to caffeine or stimulants.

Would we recommend Fenphedra for weight loss?

There appears to be no clinical or supported evidence given by Fenphedra that their diet pill significantly reduces weight.

Fenphedra give no refunds for opened bottles.

Fenphedra’s website seems to contain very little information in general, only an email address for contact details.

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