Ephedrine P57 Diet Pill Review

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Ephedrine p-57 diet pills review

Ephedrine p57 is a weight loss product containing hoodia and ephedrine. Products containing ephedrine are currently banned for sale in the US however they can be purchased fairly easily overseas through online sources.

Perhaps the most unfortunate conflicting fact about ephedra is that it is an effective appetite suppressant but it’s dangerous effects far outweigh any positive effects.

Our review of Ephedrine p57 will identify why this diet pill was banned in the US and why alternative appetite suppressants are recommended.

What is Ephedrine p57

Ephedrine and it’s precursor, ephedra are substances that are biochemically similar to amphetemines and have similar effects on the cardiovascular system.

Hoodia is a naturally occurring plant, found in South Africa. It has been found to be both safe and effective in suppressing appetite and has been used for thousands of years.

Ephedrine p57 Side-effects

Unfortunately, the long list of precautions regarding Ephedrine p57 is longer than it’s few potential benefits. If you have any health problems, including anxiety disorders or you are taking any other medications, it’s risky to take this product.

Aside from dangerous interactions, ephedrine has been shown to cause permanent damage to the heart and can induce kidney stones, even in individuals who have no history of these illnesses.

Hoodia is the one and only ingredient in Ephedrine p57 that you can be assured is both safe and effective. The manufacturer however, has chosen not to disclose the amount of hoodia contained in this product, nor is it specified what kind of hoodia is used.

Hoodia gordonii is the only form of hoodia that has been scientifically shown to be effective as an appetite suppressant.

Should You Buy Ephedrine p57

Let’s be honest here. Ephedrine p57 is banned in the US, but since ephedra has a history of a certain amount of effectiveness, people have the ability to find it for sale and likely will.

The question is, is it worth risking your health and setting yourself up for some very dangerous and often permanent side effects to use this product? 

We do not recommend this product at all – in fact we would actively recommend you avoid it.