Ephedrasil Hardcore Review

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Ephedrasil hardcore diet pill review

If you have been looking into weight loss supplements, you have no doubt realized that many products seem to make questionable claims in an effort to outdo those of their competitors.

Not to be outdone, the makers of Ephedrasil Hardcore claim their product is the most controversial weight loss supplement available.

Perhaps in an effort to appeal to people’s interest in risk and novelty, Ephedrasil Hardcore is portrayed as a barely legal, yet effective appetite suppressant and mood enhancer.

Does Ephedrasil Hardcore live up to its marketing hype? We reveal all in our Ephedrasil Hardcore review.

What is Ephedrasil Hardcore

As you can probably imagine, Ephedrasil Hardcore is comprised mainly of stimulant ingredients in several different forms. In addition to stimulants, this product also contains chromium, vitamin b-12 and several botanicals.

Reading the alleged client testimonials for this product certainly strongly infers that they were written while under the influence of this very strong stimulant product.

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Side-effects of Ephedrasil Hardcore

Clearly, the amount of stimulant ingredients in Ephedrasil Hardcore is substantial and can cause a variety of negative side effects, especially in people who are susceptible. Some of the other ingredients, such as chromium, can cause instability in blood sugar levels and kidney problems.

The manufacturer also recommends that people who have asthma, psychiatric illness, thyroid problems and many other illnesses avoid the use of this product.

Does Ephedrasil Hardcore work?

The makers of Ephedrasil Hardcore claim their product has a 98% success rate but do not explain what they base this on! Considering the ingredients, the product would likely work to increase energy levels and lose water weight, due to the diuretic effects of stimulants.

This effect cannot be sustained, as your body can not continue at this level of stimulation for long periods before exhaustion. There is no evidence to support any of the claims related to the ingredients in this product and the potential health risks outweigh any benefits.

To guarantee that you lose weight with a fat burner you need pharmacy grade ingredients that have been clinically proven to work and not simply marketing hype. We would not recommend Ephedrasil Hardcore.

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