Didrex Diet Pills Review

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Didrex diet pill review

Didrex is an appetite suppressant that is available in the US by prescription. This product is used specifically for short term weight loss, as it’s active ingredient is related to the amphetamine class of medications.

Warning – These substances are highly addictive and can cause severe withdrawl symptoms if discontinued suddenly.

If you are thinking of getting Didrex prescription, read our Didrex review first and then make up your mind!

What is Didrex?

The active ingredient in Didrex is benzphetamine, which appears to stimulate the brain to release neurochemicals that inhibit the feeling of hunger. This medication also acts as a stimulant and increases heart rate, making you feel like you have more energy than usual.

Didrex Side-effects

The use of amphetamines and related medications for weight loss and appetite suppression has had a longstanding controversy. While they have, as a whole, been found to be effective for short term weight loss, that short term use can lead to addiction.

Several precautions exist for drugs like Didrex, as it can cause severe psychological and physical problems in susceptable individuals.

Should You Take Didrex?

Didrex should not be taken without very careful consideration of the risks involved and discussion with your physician as to whether the benefits are worth it.

This medication will likely work in the short term but once it is discontinued, your metabolism will return to it’s original state. This is especially true if you do not make other important changes to your diet and physical activities.

Despite the apparent effectiveness of Didrex pills, they are not a naturally occurring substance and for many, are simply not safe to use. This medication is also extremely expensive and even if you have prescription drug coverage, your insurance may argue that taking Didrex is not medically necessary and deny coverage.

You also have to add in the expense of a physician’s visit to discuss this medication and because it is a controlled substance, you have to return to your physician on a regular basis in order to have the prescription refilled.

Considering there are over the counter appetite suppressants that are as strong and entirely safe, in our opinion unless prescribed by your doctor and under close supervision, it is not worth taking prescription appetite suppressants.

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