Cravex Review

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Cravex diet pill review

Cravex is a product manufactured to address One of the top reasons people fall off their weight loss plan is because of food cravings. The manufacturer claims it is a unique and advanced combination of powerful appetite suppressing ingredients.

Cravex is relatively inexpensive, at about $20 for a month’s supply of pills with two capsules to be taken prior to each meal.

Does Cravex have the power to stop your food cravings so cheaply? We reveal more in our Cravex review.

What is Cravex

Despite the claims that Cravex contains some unique combination of ingredients, the truth is, it contains the same few ingredients found in many weight loss products. These include green tea extract, chromium, caffeine and other botanical extracts. The caffeine in Cravex appears in several different forms and citrus extract, another naturally occurring stimulant, is also in this product.

The addition of chromium in Cravex is based on claims that it can stabilize blood sugar levels however it can also potentially disrupt the stability and cause serious problems including hyper or hypoglycemia.

Cravex Side effects

The main concern of side effects from using Cravex can be mainly attributed to the stimulants it contains. Grapefruit seed extract is a natural antimicrobial and used in many cleaning products. Unfortunately, it also can inhibit the effects of prescription medications and prevent their absorption.

Garcinia cambogia, another ingredient in Cravex has been found to have toxic effects on the liver and has no evidence to support any of the claims that it can suppress appetite.

Does Cravex suppress appetite

Despite the bold claims, Cravex is little more than a stimulant pill. This fact alone explains that brief, but fleeting increase in energy and appetite suppression you may experience initially if you took this supplement.

No scientific evidence exists to support the claims that this product will help you with any long term weight loss goals and in fact, you could experience some serious side effects instead.

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