Appesat Review

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Appesat diet pill review

Whilst a relative new comer, Appesat will no doubt be big!

Appesat has been developed to work on your feelings of being full and enhancing your willpower to reduce your food intake.

The makers of Appesat claim this is the next generation of clinically approved weight management aids. The makers also produce LIPOBind and so are familiar with the weight loss market……..

You are probably wondering if Appesat will help you lose weight?
Alternatively, if there are any other better options out there?

How does Appesat work?

Appesat works by expanding the stomach stimulating the hunger sensors which in turn sends a message to the brain that the stomach is full.

By suppressing your appetite, Appesat claims that their diet pill trains people to want less food over a long period of time.

One clinical trial found that overweight and obese people taking three Appesat capsules, three times a day, lost an average of 9.4kg (20.7lb) in 12 weeks compared with 5.6kg (12.4lb) among people not taking the drug.

Other more clinically proven appetite suppressants tend to contain Hoodia, have a longer history in reducing your food cravings.

What’s in Appesat?

Appesat, also becoming known as the “seaweed pill“, contains naturally sourced fibre complex made from seaweed.

The fibre (Bioginate Complex) in Appesat extracts is from a seaweed specially grown on the French Atlantic coast. Although it does work it, does not do anything that a slight change in your diet won’t do.

Fibre is well known for helping you to feel full and eat less. You will have no doubt seen one of the many cereal adverts that claim because of a high fibre content your hunger will be satisfied right through from breakfast to lunch. Hoodia has been demonstrated to be a powerful way to reduce your food cravings throughout the day.

The active ingredients available in other natural appetite suppressants have shown a longer track record for weight loss, namely Hoodia Gordonii, an ingredient that is not commonly found in foods that you and me can purchase. Clinical trials have proven it’s effectiveness and many success stories are now available to further prove it’s power as an appetite suppressant.

Appesat Effective for Weight Loss?

Appesat is expensive costing around $60 per 50 tablets, taking the recommended dose of up to 9 pills per day as outlined in Appesat’s diet plan (9 pills, taken three times a day before meals).

The Appesat diet plan does suggest reducing your daily dosage overtime – but we still calculated you will need 245 pills for the first month.

Appesats guarantee is pretty poor, with Appesat only offering a guarantee of 28 days on unused product – compare this with UniqueHoodia’s full 6 month guarantee this is somewhat dissappointing from Appesat.

That Appesat is effective for reducing your weight is not indespute, but on balance we are not convinced Appesat offers a great deal for those looking for a weight loss product that won’t break the bank!

We would suggest looking at Hoodia based appetite suppressants that offer more value for money.

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