Anoretix Review

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Anoretix diet pill review

Anoretix is an appetite suppressant that is allegedly more powerful than many of the now banned or controlled suppressants such as ephedra.

The maker claims this product will help you lose as much as 12 pounds in three days by suppressing your appetite and causing your body to burn fat. Anoretix is available in versions with or without caffeine.

We see if the claims of being a powerful appetite suppressantare true in our Anoretix review.

What is Anoretix

Anoretix contains nine active ingredients with enticing names that the manufacturer intentionally patented to sound novel. In actuality the ingredients, which range from bitter orange extract to chromium, are common in many weight loss products.

If you read the fine print, you will see that Anoretix has a proprietary blend of these ingredients but the ingredients themselves are not proprietary.

Should you Buy Anoretix?

This product has not been scientifically proven to suppress appetite. In fact, the research that is cited on the website only relates loosely to each of the ingredients and not to the combination found in Anoretix.

Certainly, you should be concerned about interactions between Anoretix and any medications you are currently taking as they can cause a serious interaction.

Anoretix appears to be just another expensive product that makes extraordinary claims with no scientific support.

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