Alli Diet Pill Review

Do diet pills work? We review the best diet pills and recommend the best!
Alli diet pill review

Alli is a FDA approved half-strength version of the prescription-only diet drug Xenical.

Alli has helped dieters lose an average of 10lb over six months in trials, by preventing the body from absorbing the fat in food.

There are rather unpleasant side effects of taking Alli for weight loss though!

How does Alli work?

Like Xenical, Alli’s main ingredient Orlistat attaches to some of the natural enzymes in the digestive system, preventing them frombreaking down about 25% of the fat you eat. The producers of Alli highlight its safety as it only works in digestive system, not by regulating your heart or brain.

The producers of Alli do place emphasis on certain treatment effects when eating meals with too much fat. These side effects can affect your willingness to take Alli for any length of time! Fat binders with no reported side effects, such as Proactol, do exist though!

Alli side effects – Alli Opps!

A diet of Alli pills has some messy side effects!

Gas, incontinence and oily spotting (diarrhoea) are just some of the embarrassing negative side effects of Alli diet pills. Many customers have also reported discomfort after stopping using the product.

Alli for Weight Loss?

We found many limitations with Alli.

The main disadvantage of Alli is deciding if its safe to go outside? Concern over your bowel movements is the last thing you need! Coupled with the problems of controlling your fat intake for each meal.

In truth there are other fat binders that are better alternative to Alli.

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