Advantrim Review

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Advantrim diet pill review

Advantrim Fat Burner is a weight loss supplement that the maker claims is able to help your body burn fat thanks to a revolutionary ingredient.

It also allegedly suppresses hunger and facilitates the use of the body’s fat stores, rather than lean muscle. Advantrim is moderately priced at approximately $40 for less than a month’s supply.

Can Advantrim deliver on its promise of weight loss though burning more body fat? We take a look in our in-depth Advantrim reviewand make our recommendation.

What is Advantrim

As with many weight loss supplements, Advantrim relies heavily on stimulants in the form of caffeine. This ingredient provides short term energy and improvement in mood but your body quickly becomes immune to the effects and they cease.

Advantrim also contains some miscellaneous botanical extracts as well as amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

Advantrim side effects

Caffeine in its many forms and especially in the forms contained in Advantrim have been shown to have adverse health effects such as heart palpitations and seizures. While these generally occur in individuals who are sensitive to the effects of stimulants, they have also been found to happen in otherwise healthy people.

The ingredient citrus aurantium not only has strong stimulant properties, it has also been found to cause many of the same side effects as the banned substance ephedra.

Does Advantrim work?

Initially, taking Advantrim will increase resting metabolic rate, due to the large amount of stimulant ingredients. The increase in energy levels will also motivate most people to be more physically active, causing some initial weight loss.

Once your body becomes tolerant to the effects you will no longer experience any of these supposed beneficial processes.

In addition, you are risking your health by ingesting some ingredients that although still legal, are in the midst of review for possible banning due to serious side effects. Is it worth risking your health for short term benefits?

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