Accuslim Diet Pill Review

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Accuslim diet pill review

Accuslim is a weight loss supplement composed of minerals, herbs, roots, three kinds of ginseng and green tea powder.

The manufacturers of Accuslim do not appear to make outrageous claims and instead explain that you should expect to lose 1-2 pounds a week when using the product.

We review Accuslim to see if their claims are justified and that you can lose steady weight loss with their product.

What is Accuslim?

Accuslim chromium complex, their main product, is meant to supplement the positive effects of a healthy diet and exercise program.

It is available for sale through the manufacturer’s website in single, 30-day supply and also in combination with other Accuslim weight loss supplements.

Accuslim Ingredients

The active ingredient in this product is citrus aurantium, which is bitter orange extract. This ingredient is meant to act as a substitute for ephedra, which has been found to have significant side effects.

The manufacturer of Accuslim claims that citrus aurantium is used in their product as a metabolism booster.

Does Accuslim Work?

As with many weight loss supplements, Accuslim relies heavily on stimulants in order to induce weight loss. Several of the ingredients in Accuslim are caffeine derivatives and can cause undesirable side effects in people who are sensitive to the effects of caffeine.

The other prevalent ingredient, chromium, has been found to be toxic in large doses and in people who have difficulty with metabolizing minerals.

No scientific data is available to support these claims, nor are there any professional certifications attributed to Accuslim.

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The only effect of Accuslim that could reasonably be supported is that is likely to increase heart rate and blood pressure. Additionally, if this product is taken in the late afternoon or evening, it may cause insomnia.

Should You Take Accuslim for Weight Loss

To their credit, the manufacturer of Accuslim does list the active ingredients and adds some explanation as to their role in helping you lose weight. Unfortunately, reading these descriptions reveals a large number of unsubstantiated claims as to the effectiveness of each ingredient.

The company itself has only been in business for five years, not long enough to put their products through proper scientific testing for safety and efficacy.

With the number of uncertainties with Accuslim we would recommend looking at other clinically proven diet pills that can increase metabolism and burn more fat.

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