365 Day Diet Pill Review

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365 Day Diet Pill program provides you with an entire year’s supply of it’s weight loss supplement at a relatively low cost of less than $80.

365 Day Diet Pill review

The product’s website assures you that by taking their product you will have more energy, increase lean muscle mass and be more motivated to stick to the program.

We review 365 Day Diet Pill to see if this cheap diet pill in a years supply can really work.

What is 365 Day Diet Pill

This “thermogenic formula” can also be taken twice a day, for even more impressive results and can be ordered in amounts to fit your specific dosage.

The website focuses mainly on the cost effectiveness of being able to purchase a year’s supply of their supplement in a single order. They do not however, explain whether the savings is passed on to you, the customer, or is it accomplished by using inferior, less expensive ingredients.

365 Day Diet Pill Ingredients

365 Day Diet Pill contains no less than three sources of caffeine, combined with minerals, amino acids, herbs, and extracts.

The amounts of each ingredient are not available on the manufacturer’s website, although one can assume the most prevalent ingredients would be listed first.

Does 365 Day Diet Pill Work?

No scientific evidence is cited to support the claims of weight loss using 365 Day Diet Pill, nor are there any precautions for potential side effects. The apparently large amount of caffeine can cause nervousness and other side effects in people who are sensitive to caffeine.

Some of the plant-based ingredients can also cause allergic reactions or other side effects in the gastric system. Chromium has been shown to be potentially toxic in large doses.

Should You Buy 365 Day Diet Pill?

Despite the manufacturer’s very bold claims that 365 Day Diet Pill will boost your energy levels while burning fat, their main intention appears to be to point out it’s cost effectiveness. Certainly, taking large amounts of stimulants will increase your energy levels and may in turn, motivate you to increase physical activity.

Chromium has been shown in scientific studies to have some effects on stabilizing blood sugar levels but can be purchased alone from a local health food store. The rest of the ingredients simply do not have any scientific evidence to support the manufacturer’s claims.

We don’t recommend this diet pill.

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