Do something about your belly fat, don’t end up like this guy!
Why not get started on your lifestyle changes right now? It is never too early to begin your exercise and diet program to get closer the flat belly you’ve been dreaming of. You can put it off until tomorrow, next week or even next year, but waiting just makes your goals further away.

We definitely understand wanting to procrastinate on this long and hard journey you have ahead of you, so we wanted to give you some incentive. To help you get motivated to burn your belly fat, we put together a list that proves why you should start betting helthy as soon as possible.

1: Subcutaneous fat is NOT hot

What type of fat is that you may be wondering? This is the type that we can see and pinch on our bodies. It is the extra fat on thighs, hips, buttocks and abdomen that we all hate so much! The good news about this type of fat that it isn’t even that bad for you, it just isn’t aesthetically pleasing.

2: Visceral fat is bad for your health

Visceral fat is fat that we cannot see. It cushions itself next to our heart, liver and other organs. This type of fat is linked to an increased risk of developing high blood pressure, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, dementia, and certain cancers. It is funny that the fat we complain about least, and some of us don’t even know about, is the most harmful to our bodies.

Doctor Oz actually claims that our health is largely determined by our waist size, so it is imperative to to lose body fat to reduce it – in the process avoiding health issues like heart disease, diabetes and more. Watch the video below where Doctor Oz explains the dangers of being overweight, and explains a few tips to help get started in reducing your waist size:

3: Crush the cortisol

Cortisol is the hormone your body releases when you are stressed. Exercise will actually help level out cortisol level, leaving you less stressed. Also, when you are less worried about how you look, you feel less stressed.

Stress is associated with many mental and physical diseases, so reducing stress is key to obtaining a longer lifespan.

4: Giving your heart some love

Eating healthier and exercising are both great for the heart. Healthy foods can lower cholesterol and high blood pressure that are notorious for causing heart disease. A healthier diet also gives you the energy you need to exercise and have fun.

Exercise lowers blood pressure and cholesterol while training your heart to be stronger over the long-term. Think of the heart like any muscle, the more you work it, the stronger it is. Exercises that raise our heart rate are like working out any other muscle group, the heart gets stronger. The stronger a heart is the more it can deal with disease and other external cardiovascular stresses.

5: Do your brain a favor

In a study of cognition therapies in 2008 it was found that exercise helped decline and reverse the effects of cognitive decline in the elderly. The theory is that exercise, especially aerobic, helps older (and younger) adult’s brain by increasing oxygen to the brain, the growth of cells and chemical in the brain associated with cognitive activity. Exercise will help you stay alert for longer.

6: Be a trend setter

The world exercises less due to modern technology in transportation, the work place and everyday life. While the introduction of technology has benefited society in ways that cannot be understated, it has definitely made us less physically active. The way to reverse this is by exercising regularly.

Only half of people in the United States exercise regularly or at least three times a week. Of the whole population of U.S. citizens 20 and up, 31.2% are at a normal weight. When you lose belly fat and weight everywhere else you are becoming unique. You also are setting a good example for everyone else to follow.

7: Be a Patriot

“…the physical fitness of our citizens is a vital prerequisite to America’s realization of its full potential as a nation, and to the opportunity of each individual citizen to make full and fruitful use of his capacities” – John F. Kennedy.

Post-World War II it came to attention of JFK and his administration that the U.S. was starting to get a bit on the chubby side. He began programs that are still present today, to try to give American incentive to get back in shape.

Unfortunately, the programs did not solve the United States weight problem. One third of the American population is obese, and in total some 80% of the population are classed as being overweight. We need to lift ourselves up as an example to the rest of the world that being physical fit is a priority when you are developed nation.

Even if you do not live in the United States, it can apply to any country in the world. When we are more physically fit we are less of a burden to our healthcare systems.

8: For Your Healthy Future

Have you ever considered what it would be like if something did happen to you? God forbid anything does. Who will it fall to if you have a stroke, heart attack or any other of health problems that can result from excessive weight. For some of us the weight will fall on our children. Maybe for others they would rely on friends or other members of the family. Maybe you don’t have anyone that would look out for you?

It is vital that we be proactive to take care of ourselves for as long as possible. Without our health, the rest of life becomes a lot more complicated and unpleasant.

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