Most dieters suffer from food cravings on occasion. Typically this food craving is for a particular type of food. What’s interesting to note is that it’s not really an issue of hunger but of something deeper. Looking deeper you’ll see that when a person is dealing with food cravings, there are usually two biological factors in action that drive you to desire certain foods.

The two types of foods people tend to get an insatiable craving for are foods loaded with sugar or salt. When there is a dip in your Serotonin levels or Adrenal Fatigue that can trigger food cravings. But what’s important to you is the question, “How do I beat food cravings?” The following is a list of seven tips that are tested and proven to work … and they work even if the urge to binge seems unstoppable. Why not give these tips a try?

How to beat food cravings when you’re trying to lose weight

Beat Food Cravings Tip #1: The next time you feel a food craving coming immediately change the place you’re in and/or what you’re doing. Now why would you want to do this? It’s because your surroundings may be sending off signals to trigger your mind to suddenly desire a certain food. Sights, and especially smells can trigger memories that remind you of food.

Beat Food Cravings Tip #2: You can also beat food cravings by going for a short run or jog. This too will refocus your mind elsewhere so you forget about your food craving.

Beat Food Cravings Tip #3: You can “distract” your taste buds so that you don’t end up eating calorie packed fattening foods. For example, let’s say you’re craving something salty, instead of indulging on a bag of salty chips you can eat something spicy and low calorie. Or let’s say you’re craving something sugary, instead of eating a chocolate bar; eat something sour that has few calories such as a sour apple or a pickle. Also check out our 100 healthy fat burning snacks.

Beat Food Cravings Tip #4: Another thing you can do to wean yourself from food cravings is to give yourself some kind of desirable reward for avoiding the craving. You could rent a movie, buy yourself a gift or go out. The logic behind this is that you refocus the reward of satisfying your cravings for something else.

Beat Food Cravings Tip #5: You never want to starve yourself. Usually when you starve yourself for a pro-longed period of time you’re just setting yourself up for trouble because the lower your blood sugar drops the weaker your will becomes and you’ll likely end up bingeing on the food you crave.

Beat Food Cravings Tip #6: Try to avoid sugar. Sure it makes foods taste wonderful, but if you’re trying to drop pounds and inches, you’ve got to make serious steps to wean yourself off sugar. You might be surprised to know that some dieticians feel that sugar can be as addictive as the drug heroin. The problem with sugar-loaded foods is that they’re loaded with empty calories and often after you eat them, you will feel hungry again in a few hours. Try fruits that burn fat for a sweet treat.

Beat Food Cravings Tip #7: Eat plenty of foods rich in calcium. Why is this important? It’s important because sometimes food cravings can be traced back to a deficiency in calcium. The result is that your body initiates various food cravings to fill the calcium deficiency. So what you need to do is to make sure your daily diet consists of plenty of low calorie foods loaded with calcium. Good examples of those foods would be many leafy green vegetables.

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