Aside from the well know health risks of obesity, being overweight affects a person’s confidence level, self esteem and the overall outlook on life in general. People approach weight loss differently.

Some are aggressive and other subtle. Regardless of your motivation you may face a certain fear about weight loss that might dampen your efforts.

Fear of failure and how to overcome

Losing weight is a big challenge and with a lower confidence level, a person can stumble along the way with this fear hovering over them. Fear of failure is very natural and we are programmed for instant gratification.

If we don’t see results immediately, we confirm our fear and give up on our efforts labeling ourselves as having failed.

  • When you first decide to lose weight, ingrain in your mind that you are not going to see dramatic results.
  • Remember that you do not gain the weight overnight and you are not going to lose it overnight.
  • Give yourself enough time to realistically get to your goal.
  • Keep going even if you feel like you have hit a plateau.
  • Commit yourself to staying on the plan and give your 100 percent even if you don’t see results right away. After all, what do you have to lose except the weight?

Fear of being ridiculed and how to overcome

Recently a client remarked to me that she would rather not be seen walking in public when I suggested that she take her kids to the park and walk while the kids played.

It was an eye opening moment for me when I discovered that she believed strongly that people would make fun of her and more importantly she would be a laughing stock in from front of her kids when she wouldn’t be able to go around one lap.

This incident led me to ask my other clients what they felt about exercise and most of them reported that they would rather not join a gym or go swimming.

Some of them try to work out in the confines of their homes, which is perfectly acceptable if you enjoy that and can do it regularly day after day.

  • But if you are not active because of your fear or embarrassment – take heart. It takes a lot of courage to step outside your comfort zone.
  • Small steps add up and before you know it, you will be fit and strong.
  • Find a buddy, if you must to get active, but make a promise to yourself to be more physically active than the day before. And most people are not thinking “look how unfit they are”; they are thinking “I wish I could do that”.

Fear of the unknown and how to overcome

People who have dieted in the past may recognize this fear. When you are trying to lose weight many factors work against you – that temptation at work, the saboteur at home, the lack of time in your day and a very slow metabolism can all impact your journey towards being healthy and fit.

You may have dieted in the past with good results, but as you age your metabolism slows down and you may have some health factors working against you.

Fighting obesity is like going into a battlefield blind folded. You never know where the attack is coming from.

It has to be your determination to see you through. When things get down, think of all the goals you have met and remind yourself of all the goals you have yet to meet.

Fear of success and how to overcome

If you have been overweight all your life and you are suddenly feeling lighter and getting closer to your goal weight, you might find yourself victim of this fear.

It is like the fear of unknown, except that the goal is in your sight and you are not sure how to handle it.

Some people get so comfortable with their state in life that they get nervous when faced with something new and wonderful. This is the least of your fears.

Most people are quite euphoric when they get to this stage that might accidentally lower their guards and old habits can start to creep back into life.

Keep a journal of your thoughts and actions and you will be able to draw patterns and recognize your fear. Once you know that you are up against, you will have an easier time handling it.

Always remember to give yourself credit whenever you overcome your fear and move on.

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