Green smoothies have been the trending health regimen for a few years now, in fact I also jumped on the bandwagon. I have a smoothie every day for my breakfast, it truly is an awesome way to start the day.

Lets look at a few reasons to regularly drink green smoothies or even just a normal smoothie for that matter;

  • They are an excellent way to add more micro nutrients to your diet.
  • Green smoothies are delicious.
  • Tasty way to get your greens.
  • They are very quick and easy to make – it’s simply a matter of throwing everything into the blender and turning it on.
  • Clean up is a breeze – you only have a jug and a drinking glass to rinse out and with some blenders you drink your smoothie directly out of the mixing container so you only have one thing to rinse out!
  • Great for keeping colds and flu at bay during winter.
  • Excellent for a healthy digestive system – lots of fiber and green vegetables are great for your digestive system, and you can drink your daily dose of fat burning foods easily.
Green smoothies are great for health and weight loss – but you can make them even better with this 1 simple trick…

However There Is A Way To Make Your Green Smoothies Much, Much Better…

The typical green smoothie consists of fruit greens and maybe a sweetener. But what you can do is also add some hemp seed powder to really ‘bulk it up’. Lets look at a few reasons why hemp seeds should be an essential part of everybody’s diet.

  • Hemp seeds are an excellent source of dietary fiber, fills you up causing you to consume fewer calories therefore lose weight.
  • Hemp seed powder is a great source of protein which makes it perfect for body builders and vegans or vegetarians.
  • Hemp seed oil is a great addition to your diet and an easy addition to your meals.
  • They have the perfect ratio of essential fatty acids – omega 3,6,9. They are also very rich in essential fatty acids which is a nutrient that many individuals are deficient in.
  • They have lots of vitamins and minerals.
  • Not many pests so it is easy to find organic hemp seed protein.

And something that could be added to the list of hemp benefits is if it were to go more mainstream, hemp is a hardy plant  that is very easy to grow and it grows fast so if hemp were to be mass produced then it could be sold of cheaply. Also it does not have many pests so it would be easy to get organic hemp seeds.

If you want hemp seed powder that has a higher fiber content then go for a rough grade of hemp seed powder. It is not quite as pleasant to drink compared to the finer grade but you will find that it is cheaper and more filling.

So if you are a regular smoothie drinker why not try adding some hemp seed powder to your next smoothie, it will make it so filling it could almost substitute for a complete meal…

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