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The Best Treatments for Vertigo

One of the worst conditions to experience is a condition called vertigo. This condition causes the person suffering from it to have dizzy episodes at random times throughout the day. It is believed that people over the age of 50 are more at risk of suffering from this condition. However, anybody at any age can experience vertigo symptoms.

The problem with the current treatment for vertigo is that they only tackle the symptoms and not the cause itself. If you are suffering from vertigo then you must treat the cause in order to cure yourself from this frustrating condition.


The symptoms of vertigo will vary but as mentioned earlier the most common symptom is dizziness. Other symptoms include headaches, spinning sensations that make it feel like the everything around you is rotating, and nausea.

Despite what most people may believe vertigo has nothing to do with being afraid of heights. Doctors still aren’t sure what really causes this condition. However, many suspect other conditions such as benign positional vertigo (BPPV) and Meiners Disease.

The most common of all conditions that causes vertigo symptoms is BPPV, and it is often triggered due to certain head or body movements. Most people with BPPV will experience symptoms of vertigo when they are in bed and try to get up. Some will experience symptoms when they lay down flat on their back.

Some people will also experience BPPV and vertigo symptoms when they bend over or look up to the ceiling. As you can imagine this can make living a normal life difficult for just about anybody.

According to – if you don’t tackle this condition as soon as you can it can become worse. People who neglect to treat their symptoms right away will gradually start experiencing balance problems when they try to walk or stand. These balance problems won’t stop until you treat the BPPV condition and stop the vertigo.


The most common treatment for vertigo are medications that only fight the symptoms. Once the drugs wear off the symptoms will naturally return in full effect. To really be free from vertigo you should start by treating the BPPV condition which is usually the cause.

The most effective way to treat the root cause of vertigo is to perform certain exercises that reprogram the crystals that are loose in your inner ear. These exercises involve head movements that are usually performed with the assistance of an experienced physical therapist. This treatment isn’t a quick fix like the medications prescribed for this condition but they will provide with long term relief from vertigo symptoms.

Regardless of what symptoms of vertigo you’re experiencing you should focus on the cause. Once you focus on the cause the symptoms should leave and never return.