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Pros and cons of cryotherapy

Have you ever heard of something that is so dangerous, yet beneficial for the health? If not, let us introduce you to a very special technique/ treatment known as cryotherapy. There are people who often complain about the weather that it’s freezing cold, well in cryotherapy, you are subjected to temperature far below than 0°C. Many of you might be wondering that it is something stupid and how can it be beneficial for the health. Well, amazingly it has its own unique benefits which are explained in the following section.


One of the greatest benefits of cryotherapy is on the muscles and circulatory system. The sudden drop of temperature will restrict the blood flow in the limbs and direct it towards the vital organs like heart and brain. This is good for the organs as well as your muscles as well. If you are always tired and lazy, this might be because of your muscles which are overstressed. All you need to do is to take a session and see how it affects the overall condition of your body. It will make your muscles relax and help in case of inflammation too. This is why it is used for the arthritis people all over the world.

Another benefit that you can get with cryotherapy is that it can solve the issues of damage nerve endings without the surgery. Sometimes the nerves of our body get damaged and they get irritated. These irritated nerves send pain signals to the brain, which is in the form of uncomfortable feeling. In cryotherapy, your doctor will introduce the solution in your body into the affected area in order to freeze the cells/ nerve endings. This will stop the continuous pain and you can again live a pain free life.

Cryotherapy is also used to treat cancer too. Mostly the prostate cancer has been treated by the doctors with this technique. The cancer cells are subjected to extreme temperature and these frozen cells are then removed by the body’s own immune system. There are many people who are cured with this treatment. Cryotherapy center in New York can help you with the treatment.

This might surprise you, but do you know that this therapy can also make you lose extra weight? Well, when the body is under temperature stress, it burns off the extra calories to maintain the normal temperature. This boost in metabolism can be very helpful for you to lose extra pounds.


One of the disadvantages of cryotherapy is that sometimes the healthy cells also die in the process and this can cause some discomfort and irritation of the skin. The area where the cryosurgery is done will get a temporary scar which will take some days to remove naturally.

People who have experienced the cryotherapy sessions can also feel coughing the blood and dead tissue for a few days. This is normal, but if the problem persists, they need to have a checkup. After the cryotherapy, there might be the blood in the urine too, but it’s normal too. It is the kidneys and the urinal tubes cleansing it.