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Choosing E-Cigarette to quit smoking

“Cigarette smoking causes cancers” people have very well got aware of the dangers of the smoking and there are millions who find quitting the habit of tobacco smoking hard. There are several companies working on different products for several years now, in order to find a viable alternative for smoking. Use of nicotine patches or gums has been used by tobacco addicts to get rid of their habit.

One of the most recent products available in the market is the e-cigarettes or electronic cigarettes preferred by nicotine addicts. The e-cigarettes look exactly similar to the real cigarettes; many e-cigarettes are also known to emit artificial smoke too. Thus they give the same feel as the real cigarettes; however the e-cigarettes do not contain any tobacco in them. The users of e-cigarette inhale the vapours of nicotine that is similar to the smoke from cigarette; however they do not contain the carcinogens present in tobacco. Therefore, this prevents the smoker from the harmful effects of smoking and even prevents it from spreading to individuals around him.

An electronic cigarette comprises of nicotine cartridge that contains nicotine in liquid form. It also contains a battery powered atomizer, which converts a small amount of liquid nicotine to vapour, every time a user inhales from it. The e-cigarette is also known to have a small light at the tip, which glows stimulating a real cigarette. With inhaling nicotine vapour people tend to hit with nicotine quicker as compared to other forms of alternatives.

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The e-cigarettes contains varying nicotine cartridges; you can come across brands that offer cartridges in different sizes, likely the large, medium and small. As an individual chooses to quit smoking, it can get used to the e-cigarette by getting the desired nicotine from it; later gradually decreasing the strength of the nicotine can help them to finally quit smoking.

There are several advantages of using electronic cigarettes instead of choosing nicotine patches and gums, the main advantage would be it hits quicker in compared to others. It gives the same feel as smoking with cigarettes and therefore it is preferred more, as because people using gum and patches fail to quit smoking as they miss the act of smoking using a cigarette. With e-cigarette the smoke stimulation is also felt.

An electronic cigarette kit is going to cost you high initially as you buy one, however the cost of nicotine cigarettes are way lower in comparison to real cigarettes. This definitely helps you to save money in the long run, when you get to have five nicotine cigarettes at the cost of 50 real cigarettes. Thus the use of e-cigarette is also beneficial in terms of investment too.

There are companies that sell cheap imitations of e-cigarettes in the market, they do cost you half of the branded electronic cigarette and do look like the real thing. However, it is not recommended to use them as they do not undergo the testing that official cigarettes go through. Therefore they are considered as harmful and can cause major health issues. Use of e-cigarette is considered as one real way of quitting smoking. It has been becoming very popular and it is definitely going to revolutionize the smokers to get rid of their addiction.