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Vestibular disorder and its types

We all know that our mind is attached to all parts of our body and for the body to work properly it is important to have all parts of the human body to be in right place. A small damage, movement, and change can cause very severe problems. There are many diseases that people do not know about because they are aware of and their symptoms. Even if people are facing health issues, they will think them to be a viral or some such problem, some people do not even bother to go to a doctor. This is a very irresponsible behavior and it can cause a very serious damage in life. Sometimes symptoms can be very small but actual problem behind these symptoms can be very dangerous. The vestibular disorder is one such problem. This is damage to our Vestibular system, which helps us to maintain our eye movement and help to control our balance. The damage occurs when a very small part of inner ear move to the wrong side of the brain. It sends wrong signals to the brains and tells it to move when there is no need.

There are different symptoms of this problem such as it will cause dizziness, imbalance, a person who is facing this problem will not be able to move straight, he will not be able to look and see things properly. He will not be able to read or write and feel lazy all the time. To control this problem, a person needs to make small changes in life such as decrease the use of salt and coffee. There are also many medications to treat this problem but the most common treatment for it is Vestibular rehabilitation. It is a therapy based on physical exercise. If you are feeling any symptoms given above, the best action plan is to go to audiologist such as Audiology Island. They will suggest you what type of problem you have and how it can be cured. They will let you know whether you need medications and therapy. Sometimes it also required surgery, which removes the part of the inner ear, which is sending the wrong signals. There are different kinds of Vestibular disorder.

Perilymphatic fistula

This problem occurs due to defect between your middle ear and fluid-filled inner ear. this can cause dizziness as well as hearing loss f not get treated on time. this problem can be caused by birth or it can happen because of some accident. It can also happen because of the enhanced pressure in the ear. this problem needs surgery to be cured.

Acoustic euroma

This is a tumor in the ear but it is not poisonous, and it increases with slow speed. This problem can press the nerves, which are helping to control balance and hearing. This problem can also cause hearing loss and tinnitus. If it gets worse it can numb the side of the face.


This problem occurs due to the damage in the inner ear caused by medication and drugs. This problem can be controlled by stopping the use of drugs, which are causing this problem.